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You must teach your dog when to bark if you want to teach him when to be quiet.

If you can tell your dog WHEN to bark, you can also tell your dog when NOT TO bark!!
This is part of obedience, if your dog is accustomed to listening to you, you can teach him how to bark and how to be quiet, then chances are he will listen to you!

Have you ever taught him urge control and how to be quiet?

Most of the time the people with these dogs have literally no control of their dog or the situation and that is the problem. They scream and yell and their dog actually thinks they are barking too! If you are yelling and screaming, your dog hears barking.

Then, comes frustration and sometimes the just allows the dog to continue to bark which can sometimes lead to the dog hurling himself at the window. Because the owner is “barking” (screaming and yelling) the dog thinks this is what the owner wants and the owner gets more and more infuriated.

If you teach your dog “bark” and “speak” you can teach your dog “quiet.” It all comes with obedience and learning to communicate!

We at See Spot Sit are dedicated to helping dogs and their human families learn to communicate and live happily and peacefully together!