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Why the Recall is called “the life saving command”

I just had a phone conversation with a client, Milo’s mom and she told me that the training Milo has received possibly saved him yesterday. The gate in her back yard leads to a large pasture where she keeps her horses and there is a large creek where Milo likes to swim. Apparently, Milo figured out how to open the gate himself while Linda was out and sent for an adventure and a swim. When she went out there and spotted him, she used the recall method we have been working on and he came right to her. She was very happy and I am very happy! Linda lost a beloved dog who got into the road because he wouldn’t come when called and was killed by a car, so she is very nervous about letting Milo be off leash outside the fence. If Milo’s recall wasn’t so solid he might have kept wandering and become lost. This is just one example of why a solid recall is the most important command a dog can learn and why it is so important for the humans to learn to do it properly!