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“Who is in charge here?????”

Does your dog have any of these traits or exhibit any of these behaviors? If so, you need to change the dynamic of the hierarchy in your home!


Headstrong and willful




Pushing a toy into you or pawing in order to get you to play with them

Nudging you to be petted

Sitting in high places, looking down on everything

Guarding a human from others approaching. People like to call it “protecting” but it’s actually “claiming”—dog owns you.

Barking at humans which many owners consider “talking” (without a command to do so)

Jumping or putting their paws on humans (without a command to do so).

Persistence about being on a particular piece of furniture when asked to stay off (dog owns it)

Persistence about going in and out of doorways before humans

Persistence about walking in front of humans while on a lead

Persistence about getting through the doorway first (especially if they shoulder check you and push you out of the way)

Refusing to walk on a lead (excludes untrained puppies, dogs with injuries or illnesses)

Nipping at people’s heels when they are leaving (dog did not give permission to leave)

Not listening to known commands

Objects to people touching their food

Persistence about being on top, be it a lap or stepping on your foot

Persistence about where they sleep, i.e. on your pillow

Growling, snarling and sometimes snapping and biting when disturbed during sleep

Likes to sleep on top of you