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Uh Oh! Nightly “accidents” in the dining room after lights out!

Question posed from on the See Spot Sit Facebook page:
My oldest Golden, Brody, has a tendency to urinate in the dining room while we’re sleeping. I’ve had to shut the doors to my bedroom and keep both of them cooped up with me to stop this. However, he can hold it all day while I’m gone at work. Any ideas? Both Goldens are let out before bedtime, btw.

See Spot Sit Dog Training & Behavior Modification – Response:
First and foremost, make sure there is no urinary tract infection or something else going on physically with your doggie by getting him a vet check! If all is clear, we can move on to the suggestions below.

When dogs are outside all day and allowed to just “pee at will,” it can be challenging for them when they are indoors and the same urge strikes; they are unused to “holding it,” and may not. If the problem is solved by being “shut in” your room with you at night, that is indicative that Brody may have some separation anxiety going on. He’s without you all day, then spends some intense bonding time with you, and then if shut out from you for sleep, voila, separation anxiety. It creates kind of a feast/famine situation, if that makes sense. If you don’t have a problem with him sleeping in your room, by all means, do that.

Also, take up all water 2-3 hours before bed time and make sure Brody urinates as close to bed time as possible. Watch him when he is let out and make absolutely sure he goes and then no more water.

Lastly, crate training is an awesome way to stop these behaviors at night as well!

P.S. A little vinegar on the spot after a good cleaning will help deter him from liking that spot.