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First and foremost, you want to gauge your dog’s anxiety or fear (if any) to the treadmill motion and noise. You can do this just by turning it on with the dog within 6 feet of the machine to see if he reacts to it at all. If not, move him a little closer and watch his reactions. Keep getting closer until he is right at the edge and make a note of his reactions. This gives you an idea of how long it might take and how far to push him when you begin.

It is very important that people ALWAYS remember never to leave the dog unattended on a treadmill and I recommend always using a leash with a flat collar for stability.

Also, don’t feed the dog just prior to ANY strenuous exercise, because this can cause “bloat” which is often fatal. This is most common in your barrel chested breeds. It may also cause your doggy to throw up all over the treadmill. 🙁

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