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To Leash or not to Leash

Lets talk about the leash. Most people think it’s only for walking or control of your dog outside. I do not agree. When you are training your dog, put a leash on in the house! This way you can redirect him from counter surfing, getting the trash, chasing the cat, chasing the kids, etc., etc. It’s the easiest way to teach your dog what is expected of him without trying to grab a collar which can sometimes cause a fear reaction from your dog.

For instances, if your dog is rushing your guests and jumping on them, a leash is a wonderful tool for you to guide your dog to his “place” and ask him to stay there while our guests come in and get settled. He gets to meet them after, and only after, you go back and pick up the leash and control the greeting. In time, the leash will not be necessary for the dog to learn the “place” command.

If he is chasing the cat, take the leash, redirect him with a favorite toy or treat and ask him to sit and stay and leave the cat alone!

Chasing after your dog while screaming “STOP THAT! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!” is completely ineffectual. Use the leash as a guide to show him where you want him and what you want him to do, not as a form of punishment.

Remember also that a leash is not for you to use to pull your dog or for your dog to pull you. Irreparable damage can be caused to a dog’s trachea from a lifetime of pulling forward on a leash.