Emily Sanders

When my husband unexpectedly deployed in February, I was left with a 100 lb. puppy (Yes, PUPPY!) in an unfamiliar city under less than ideal circumstances.  It took no time at all to realize that our large baby (a Rottweiler named Tinkerbell aka “Tink”) had grown accustomed to my husband’s flexible work schedule and the love and attention she received from him in the form of play fighting. Although Tink has never displayed aggression, her stubbornness rivals the best of them.  I foundmyself chasing her through the snow, struggling to walk more than a quarter of a mile because of a constant game of “tug of war” with the leash, and exhausted by my career and the constant redirection Tink seemed to need after hours.  Tink would bully me for attention (pushing herself in my lap, etc.) and I was so tired and frustrated, I allowed her to.  These incidents left me angry, frustrated, in tears, or most often, all of the above.  When Miss Charlotte first met Tink and I, I felt very little affection for Tink.  Instead, she was a nuisance that I was forced to deal with.  Through a series of in-home training visits, Miss Charlotte revived Tink and I’s relationship.  As it turns out, I needed training as much as Tink did!  I gained assertiveness and control over my overgrown puppy and came to enjoy the companionship and security she provided me.  Some days I worked right alongside Miss Charlotte and other days, she sensed my frustration and marched right out my front door saying, “Here.  I’ll show you she can ____ (walk, greet strangers, fill in the blank with your dog issue here!) like a normal dog!” I do not have enough kind words to say about our experience with Miss Charlotte. Although I was happy to move home to be near my family, Tink and I will miss our visits with Miss Charlotte.  Luckily, she is only a phone call or text away!

Marilyn Stout

Using Charlotte at See Spot Sit was the best decision I ever made for my baby girl Sadie! Charlotte has the magic touch, and my dog loved working with her. If you are looking for a dog trainer, See Spot Sit is the way to go!

Shelly Thomas Orton

At a recent seminar you held you explained how to help a dog with barking issues. I followed your advice and can’t believe what a huge difference it has made! I have SEVEN (mostly rescues) dogs and honestly thought it was impossible to change my barker, who barks at the slightest sound which then triggers the other six to bark. I was WRONG!! Thank you so much for giving us back a peaceful home!
December 22, 2013 at 1:04pm via mobile

Sheryl Priest

January 28
Charlotte Mallion is a miracle worker. Our Gracie is a terrier mix and loves everyone. She would get so excited when people would first come through our door, we could not keep her from jumping on them and demanding to be the center of attention. Charlotte changed all that with just a few tries. After six sessions, Gracie is more calm; she goes to her “place” on command when the doorbell rings; she walks off leash; she comes when called; she responds immediately to the sit, down, stay commands and much more. Charlotte taught us a lot, also. We needed to be trained along with Gracie. Now we are all having fun working on the things we learned. Thank you, Charlotte. Sheryl & Walt Priest

Stacey Humphreys Faught

January 30
Charlotte is the most amazing woman I have ever seen with a dog! Not 10 seconds in my front door, she had Stella doing amazing things…she needs her own show on animal planet. I’m a believer!!! Stella won’t be ” hella ” anymore:)

Angela Spears Gullette

January 26
I adopted a beautiful Great Dane from my local animal shelter. She was calm and cool until she came home. Once she was home, I learned she was not housetrained……and when a Great Dane poops in the living room…its awful. She was not leash trained either and was pulling me around and my 16 year old daughter. She pulled my daughter to ground on several occasions. She was pushy and grumbled at my other dogs. She was a bully and was throwing her weight around. I asked Charlotte about housetraining and she said I needed to bring her to classes. My daughter joined me in class and soon took over the training. I kept asking Charlotte…”well, what about housetraining” and she told me to just wait, class would help that. I couldn’t figure out HOW classes about sit and stay would help me housetrain my dog…but….ok. She’s the trainer. WELL, now looking back, I understand that my dog had to learn who was in charge and to respect my livin g room. After about three classes, my dog was housetrained. She was a challenge because she was not treat driven at all. I think it was harder to teach a 16 year old to have a “puppy party” in front of other people than it was to train Milla. Milla is still an awesome dog and with a refresher every couple of months, she will follow hand or voice commands….CHARLOTTE ROCKS!!!! -Angela

Jessica Snelling

I was referred to Charlotte through a friend and have recently completed her training course. Let me tell you, the difference in my puppy from the start of her class to end is night and day. He is so much more well behaved and listens intently to our commands. And not only did she do a great job training our pup, but my husband and myself as well! We are so much more relaxed around our dog and have gained so much valuable knowledge on how to handle certain situations that we were clueless to before! We loved her and our dog absolutely adores her! Training was always his favorite time of the week and if he could I bet he would have tried to go home with Charlotte instead of us. She is so kind, patient, and loving towards all her trainees. She truly has a gift with animals and I would recommend her class to any dog, young or old. We are definitely looking forward to her advanced training classes being offered soon. Thank you to Charlotte and her team for making our first dog owning experience such a positive one!!
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Angela Pryor Anderson

Bella and I are walking because she didn’t get to come to class with Tobi and a Yorkie was running loose. I told her that we had this and we were going to walk on by. I said “leave it ” and what a beautiful moment it was when she turned and sat waiting for her treat!!! So proud of Bella!!

Hilary Doddridge

Every day I am AMAZED at the difference in my dog!!! Just in the last 4 days, doing the things that you told me to do have changed him SO MUCH!! His behavior issues were to the point that I thought he might have to be re-homed…he is OLD and I really thought he could just NOT be dealt with…but just making these few minor adjustments you suggested….the calming supplements, the trick to walking him, having him sleep in his crate at night….all equal me loving him again!! Now I wake up in the morning ready to see him instead of dreading dealing with him! You are changing lives not only for animals but for people as well!! #mostamazingwomenever!! ♥ THANK YOU!!

Tammie Foreman

It was great to be in class today. I even took Brice the Beast to Petco after. I threw around phrases like “In Training” and “Guarding” and “Socialization.” For the most part, most folks understood. But one dude, who Beast was very carefully sniffing his boots calmly, decided to bend over and hold out his hand. Hello! What do you not understand. I had him completely under control, and all was fine. But Dude says, “His looks ARE deceiving.” Ya think? Anyway, thanks for the confidence to take him out in public. He did great. I am exhausted, but love coming to class. It is so good for both of us! Love you guys!

Sarah and “Peck”

“Peck just graduated from See Spot Sit’s Canine Good Citizen course, and I couldn’t be more proud. I got Peck this fall when he was 3 months old. I grew up with dogs, so I thought dog ownership would come naturally, but I began experiencing issues that I don’t remember dealing with as a child. Peck didn’t have any “serious” behavioral problems, but he was a handful – a wild, uncontrollable ball of energy – and that took its toll on my house, my roommates, and guests. At first, I had the mentality that “dogs will be dogs” but eventually his “puppy-ness” became overwhelming. So we enrolled in training class.

“From the first day, I was shocked at how responsive Peck was to training. I had underestimated him. I didn’t realize how much a dog can learn and how much they love learning. When I got Peck, I was not interested in his pedigree or his ability to balance a ball on his nose – and that’s how I saw dog training. But that’s not what Charlotte and Jamie are about – their classes are professional and informative but also fun, laid-back, and adaptable. By going to class and teaching Peck some simple commands, I learned so much more about his personality, his ability, and being a good dog owner. Peck began to look to me for direction, and I began to assume a leadership role in our relationship. He loves meeting new dogs and people, and I now feel comfortable with strangers even given his strong (seemingly fierce) build. I didn’t realize how exhausted and stressed I had been until things began to change. Peck is still a puppy, but we’ve found a rhythm and a new dynamic. Many thanks to Charlotte and Jamie for teaching us both so much.”

Halley and “Moose”

See Spot Sit Dog Training was a great experience from beginning to end!  When we began class, Moose was only about 5 months old and I was nervous that we were starting training too early. It didn’t take long to realize that the professional trainers at See Spot Sit knew exactly how to develop better communication between Moose and I, which helped us succeed and complete the Canine Good Citizen certification after the 6 week course!  I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn the best techniques for pet ownership. Both Moose and I learned a lot and couldn’t have done it without See Spot Sit!

Pat, Sharon and “Allee”

We rescued our beloved Allee from the Memphis Animal Shelter in January 2011 and she is approximately 4 years old.

Although she was housebroken, crate trained and obedience trained when we rescued her, we knew that 1) as her parents WE needed training and 2) she had tons of potential that we weren’t able to tap into yet.

Charlotte and Jamie at See Spot Sit were professional, informative, caring and fun.

Now that she’s finished the class and is an official Canine Good Citizen, Allee is very responsive, extremely well behaved and is a real hit during our weekly visits to the nursing home.

Allee is much more confident and relaxed now that her humans are the Alphas in her pack. Thanks to Charlotte and Jamie, we all have the skills to be good, responsible pet owners.

Also, because they trained “us” so well, Allee is a true ambassador for the Rottweiler breed.

 Carla and “Bogie”

I rescued this cute little puppy from the Sherwood Animal Shelter that had apparently been dropped off him off in a parking lot.

I soon learned that I had gotten a lot more than I bargained for. It started taking me two and a half hours to get ready for work. I was exhausted and quickly getting frustrated with this little puppy.

So, at my whit’s end, I reached out to my friend Charlotte. After explaining my situation, she joked, “Good doggie. He now has you perfectly trained as a litter mate. If you want to be a good dog owner, I think Jamie and I can help.”

After only one class, Bogie learned how to walk on a leash as opposed to dragging me down the street.  At our first class I kept hearing, “Remember, you are in charge, not the dog.”  “Hmm,” I said to myself, “I remember when I used to feel empowered and in control of my life, I wonder if that is still possible.”

Sure enough it was. Not only do I have an immeasurably improved life with Bogie, I have also been able to address many things in my life of which I felt I had lost control.  And lo and behold it turns out I did not lose control, I let others’ take over.

I find it difficult to put into words the impact dog training has had on my life in family relationships, work situations and the list goes on and on. I simply cannot thank Charlotte and Jamie enough.


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