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Success Stories from our Students

Today I just want to share some posts by some of our students. These are from owners of three dogs with particular “problematic” behavior issues. Three more families achieving a happy, well-balanced life together with their dogs!

Angela Pryor Anderson
Bella and I are walking because she didn’t get to come to class with Tobi and a Yorkie was running loose. I told her that we had this and we were going to walk on by. I said “leave it ” and what a beautiful moment it was when she turned and sat waiting for her treat!!! So proud of Bella!!

Itsjust Hilary
Every day I am AMAZED at the difference in my dog!!! Just in the last 4 days, doing the things that you told me to do have changed him SO MUCH!! His behavior issues were to the point that I thought he might have to be re-homed…he is OLD and I really thought he could just NOT be dealt with…but just making these few minor adjustments you suggested….the calming supplements, the trick to walking him, having him sleep in his crate at night….all equal me loving him again!! Now I wake up in the morning ready to see him instead of dreading dealing with him! You are changing lives not only for animals but for people as well!! #mostamazingwomenever!! ♥ THANK YOU!!

Tammie Foreman
It was great to be in class today. I even took Brice the Beast to Petco after. I threw around phrases like “In Training” and “Guarding” and “Socialization.” For the most part, most folks understood. But one dude, who Beast was very carefully sniffing his boots calmly, decided to bend over and hold out his hand. Hello! What do you not understand. I had him completely under control, and all was fine. But Dude says, “His looks ARE deceiving.” Ya think? Anyway, thanks for the confidence to take him out in public. He did great. I am exhausted, but love coming to class. It is so good for both of us! Love you guys!