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One of the most common problems we encounter in dog training is under-socialized small dogs.

Too often small dogs get away with nipping, snarling and other misbehavior because the behavior is perceived as cute.

According to a study conducted by the Applied Animal Behavior Science Journal, the top four dog breeds most likely to show aggressive behavior are, in descending order, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Beagles and Jack Russell Terriers.

This isn’t to demonize small breeds, because any dog can be taught to behave properly. What is important to understand is that that tiny growl from a Pappion or Dachshund isn’t cute. It’s dangerous behavior that could cause serious legal and personal problems.

If you take the same slight snarl that often occurs with small breeds and watch that behavior come from a Doberman or Pit Bull, no one in their right mind would let that behavior slide.

If small dogs misbehave, discipline them just like you would a regular sized dog. It’s the best thing for them.

Dogs of all sizes need rules and boundaries. Misbehavior comes in lots of packages, and especially when dealing with aggression, SIZE DOESN’T MATTER.