Private Obedience & Behavior Modification Course

Course Details:

This course is in-depth and tailored to the needs of your dog and your family, based on your lifestyle and family dynamic, including a lot of common obedience and the Canine Good Citizen items. You will receive a full set of group classes with this package as well.

Price:  7-Week Private Obedience Course (in home): $1,175 (plus mileage). *There is an additional charge for human aggressive dogs that will not exceed $300 per dog

Individual sessions may be purchased as well and are $200.00 plus mileage each.

The course begins with with a 2 hour assessment and planning session and then 6 additional sessions of 1 hour each, once a week and finishes with a 10 week group class course. 


Other Key Info

  • Practice Every Day: The success of this course largely depends on your commitment.  You must practice every day.  You will receive tips on how to add short sessions to your daily routine.
  • Add Distractions:  Since the training sessions will be in your home, we will “take it on the road” in order to work with different levels of real world distractions. The best way to do this is to attend a few group classes and walk your dog in public places where there are dogs.