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Poignant and true! If you aren’t aware of this program, you should be :)

See Spot Sit is Honored to be a part of this
See Spot Sit is Honored to be a part of this

Paws in Prison

If you don’t know about the Paws in Prison, created and founded by Central Arkansas Rescue Effort, this is a good reason to find out. 🙂

With every beat, the human heart has the power to change. To be different. To be more. To be better. At its core, this is what Paws In Prison is all about. For the dogs, this means being able to live a whole and complete life. And to live well, surrounded by people who love them. And for the inmates, the program can be a gateway to restoration…to making things right. To becoming whole again. What they were yesterday is not what they have to be tomorrow. One of the true blessings of being human is that we can rebuild our whole lives. If we start thinking differently and acting differently, we most certainly will become different than we used to be. The road to restoration isn’t always easy, but it’s never impossible. And for some inmates, the reason to take that first step is a little dog who thinks they are absolutely perfect.