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“Let’s go for a walk, not a you drag me and I try to keep up!”

Practice walking on loose lead. Remember, if your dog begins to pull on the lead, you have two options:
1. Stop and stand patiently until your dog stops pulling on the lead. As soon as she stops pulling, move forward. If she pulls again, stop and wait again. You may only get to your front door on your first try, but over time, your dog will learn to wait and walk at your pace. Remember, you cannot move forward until she stops pulling.
2. As soon as your dog begins pulling on the lead, turn 180º and keep walking. This puts your dog behind you and he has to catch up to you. At first, he will probably pull ahead again, but keep turning each time he pulls on the lead. If this begins to make you dizzy—it did for me with my own dog—then try option number one, above.
This week try to get two to four 10 to 15 minute training sessions in each day. If your dog is rather hyperactive, you may have to expend some of her energy either on a walk or a treadmill, before you begin training.