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Knowing Your Dog’s Breed History

Dogs are the most diverse species on the planet. Aside from giving us lots of different forms of a great friend, breeding has also resulted in many different traits and tendencies.

Knowing your dog’s breed history can not only help you understand why your dog does certain things, but it can allow you to adapt your training methods, toys, games, exercise and much more.

If you don’t know your dog’s mixture, CARE offers dog DNA testing for $60 that will tell you exactly what breeds your dog has. They’re headquartered is at 5516 Kavanaugh Blvd.

If you have adopted or purchased a pure bred dog, Animal Planet as an awesome dog breed directory that tells all about each breed — what they were bred for, what their natural temperament is, what common health problems they have as well as what kind of upkeep helps keep the dog happy and well balanced.

For example, a German Shepherd was widely used in World War I was a war sentry to keep lookout. These alert, guarding tendencies are still very recognizable in the breed. They are also heavily used as search and rescue dogs and as police dogs. Knowing this can help you determine that hide-and-seek is an applicable game to play with them. Hiding a tennis ball in the house and letting your German Shepherd seek it out will bring out an instinct in your dog that you may not have known existed. But more importantly, this type of breed specified game can result satisfied and thriving dog.