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Although it may not be the most fun topic, proper discipline is important to address.

And while we usually prefer not to liken dogs to kids because dogs aren’t people, discipline is one area you can draw a similarity. When considering whether or not to discipline your sweet little Yorkie or even your lovable Lab for misbehaving, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Would I let my kid get away with this?
  2. If I did, would it be good for him or her to let them get away with it?

Dogs, like children, need rules and boundaries to become well-balanced adults. The most harm you can possibly do to your dog is not setting rules, boundaries and limitations. The second worst thing you can do after that is not disciplining them for crossing those boundaries.

But, there are right ways and VERY wrong ways of disciplining your dog.

From here, drop the similarity between kids and dogs, because they need to be disciplined VERY differently. Spankings DO NOT work. Dogs don’t understand it. Would a mother-dog spank her pup for getting out of line?

Also, never, EVER call your dog to come to you to discipline them. And don’t use their name negatively like “Bad Spot!”

At See Spot Sit, we’ll teach you exactly how to discipline your dog in a humane way that they understand.

About the Author
Jamie Walden
is an experienced dog trainer and co-owner of See Spot Sit Dog Training in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Contact him at jamie.walden@ymail.com with questions or comments.