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Keep your fur babies warm in the winter!

A wet coat is not a warm coat, so keep them dry!

Take your animals for a winter check-up before winter kicks in to make sure they don’t have any medical problems that will make them more vulnerable to the cold.
Keep your pets inside as much as much as you can. When you have to take them out, stay outside with them. When you’re cold enough to go inside, they probably are too. If you absolutely must leave them outside for a significant length of time, make sure they have a warm, solid shelter against the wind, thick bedding, and plenty of non-frozen water. Remember they need more water in cold weather.

Use common sense: long-haired breeds like Huskies will do better in cold weather than short-haired breeds like Dachshunds. Cats and small dogs that have to wade shoulder-deep in the snow will feel the cold sooner than larger animals. Your pet’s health will also affect how long she can stay out.
Animals that are not generally in good health shouldn’t be exposed to winter weather for a long period of time.

Very young and very old animals are vulnerable to the cold as well. Regardless of their health, though, no pets should stay outside for unlimited amounts of time in freezing cold weather. If you have any questions about how long your pet should be out this winter, ask your veterinarian.