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I love success stories and I love to share them. So, in that vein, let’s talk about Gabby and Harley and their behavior reshaping. When I first met these two dogs and their “mommy” and “daddy” (human guardians), their mommy probably would have said I was crazy if I told her that there would be a day that these two dogs would walk side by side together because they were fighting quite a bit. Mommy has been very nervous and we have all worked very hard. Today I had a blast with them and they walked and played and Harley gave Gabby a big sloppy kiss on the face. They also got to practice their obedience training. They are good girls and life is better for everyone 🙂20150602_155339_resized20150602_161253_resized20150602_160536_resized20150602_161642_resized