Behavior/Temperament Assessment & Planning Session (in Your Home)

When problem behaviors are triggered by events or people or other dogs, etc. in the home, the assessment is best done where the triggers exist.  The 2 hour session includes:

a)  Information gathering regarding your dog’s day to day life and routines; b)  Temperament of both dog(s) and humans, both positive and negative; c)  Behaviors you would like changed and all details regarding same, including duration and any events that may have caused the behaviors; d)  Your ultimate goals for your future life with your dog; e)  You will be given helpful information regarding dog psychology and communication skills.

We will then work together to formulate the best plan of action for both you and  your dog.  Of course, Charlotte will give you her recommendations and then explain different options to meet your goals.

Pricing: The fee is typically $250 + mileage  per dog.  See Note below.


Note:  *Aggression cases may require an additional charge and this will be determined by the level of aggression.  This fee also applies if there have been any injuries to humans directly resulting from dog to dog (or other domesticated animal) aggression. You will be advised of any additional charge prior to the appointment.  There are no hidden charges, ever and the addtional charge will not exceed $250.