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How to teach your dog NOT to come when called.

Accidentally punish your dog for coming when called. This is the best way to get your dog to avoid coming back to you.

Call your dog to come to you when he is in trouble!

Over use the word “come” or “here” when your dog is not even looking at you!

Only call your dog to come to you when it is time to leave the park, go to the vet, or come in the house!

Never give your dog high value rewards when they do come when called!

Never sound happy when you call your dog to come to you!

Never play a game with your dog when you call him to come to you!

Never let your dog off leash!

Never work on your recall command around distractions!

Never set your dog up for success by working on the recall command with no distractions!

Accept a so-so recall response.

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