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Food for thought … please give it serious consideration

Food for thought.

Humans, in our infinite wisdom (yeah right) decide we want to domesticate bears to do jobs for us or live in our homes as pets.

So, we begin to inter-breed Polar bears, black bears and brown bears. We choose the ones with certain like physical characteristics, smaller, larger, faster, more aggressive, less aggressive, shorter snouts, longer snouts – well, you get the picture.

We continue to breed them for the aesthetic or personality traits we want until we create a Pomeranian bear (the first “recognized” breed of dog who originated during the Ming Dynasty). Fast forward 15,000 years later. We have 2 to 200 lb bears walking around on leashes or living in our yards and homes.

We have a Westminster Bear Show where they are judged by their “looks” like a beauty pageant (ridiculous) and we all live our lives like we are Gods who have created evolution and are soooooooooo smart.

But here’s the key THEY ARE STILL BEARS! They still have prey drive, an instinctual desire to survive and to eat and to attack if they feel threatened or provoked or a need to protect a human (we did that too) in distress! BEARS! THEY ARE STILL BEARS!

Same with dogs. They are still, deep down, WOLF DESCENDANTS – no matter if they are a Mastiff or a Bichon.