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Follow up to teaching your dog to swim – Success Story :)

Jake was afraid of the water because of previous traumatic events. He was good in his kiddie pool but would not get in the big pool. We slowly acclimated him to the top step of the big pool and praised him lavishly for going onto it on his own. As you can see, he was fitted with a doggie life jacket which is an invaluable tool. It keeps them in the proper position for encouraging them to use their back legs.

Today, I used the flirt pole to get him so excited about the rope toy he was chasing that he didn’t think about his fear of the water. He now will go in with the simple enticement of one of his favorite toys. This was a HUGE step for Jake!

We taught him how to make right and left turns and complete 180 degree turns and qued a word for “steps” so he would always know where to go to get out.