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Synchronized “watch” cuties 🙂

The foundation for everything we will teach your dog is FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, ON YOU! The name game! Say your name in a very happy tone as many times a day as absolutely possible and every time he/she looks at you praise your dog. If your is close enough to you, praise and touch them in a positive way, just a little rub on the head or something. That raises the value of the praise from $100 to $500 smile emoticon Then, the watch command! It needs to be shaped to the point that your dog will look at you for as long as you ask themr to. (If your dog is looking at you, they are not chasing the cat, or otherwise getting into trouble, or focusing on a fear trigger.) Then we proof it by adding distractions (squeak balls, the recorded sound or app on your phone of a dog barking, a siren, a car, etc., that would normally break their focus until they, instead, she keeps their eyes on you. This is done in steps and you want to practice for about 5 minutes 5 times a day if possible. Not more than 10-15 minutes of practice on a couple of different commands each practice session. Focusing on you is absolutely the key. After that, everything else is soooooooooooooooo much easier!