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Feed Your Dog Well and Right!

Here’s a myth buster. “Dogs should never eat people food.” You are probably dropping your jaw right now, but think about this. Are chicken, beef, turkey and liver people food or dog food? BOTH
Are veggies and fruits people food or dog food? BOTH
Are grains people food or dog food. PEOPLE

Dogs need meat, veggies and some fruits. They would eat them in the wild because they know their bodies need them. Of course, these things are sans all of the salt, sugar and trans fats we add!

I was thinking about something my vet says to me every time he sees my dogs and that is how healthy their coats, skin, teeth and gums are. Why do you think that is? THEY DON’T EAT GRAIN! I make sure I practice oral health with them by giving them things they need to keep their teeth clean and their gums healthy. I don’t brush their teeth. Nope, I don’t. I don’t have to because I give them what they need to have healthy mouths! If you are a hunter, give them deer antlers! Full of calcium and clean their teeth!

I supplement their food with fish oil and yes even give them some raw meat with their food relatively often. Beef liver is cheap and extremely high in protein and nutrients. I wouldn’t eat it if you begged me but my dogs do!

Educate yourself about animal nutrition and you can almost always get away from the constant allergy shots and steroid shots that are commonly used to relieve itchy skin and other allergy related problems!

I have read many scholarly articles about the correlation between high protein diets in dogs and better behavior as well!

Learn to Read a Dog Food Label