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Dogs and the Human Language :)

Associating verbal commands (human words) with actions/behaviors in real time.

Have you ever found yourself saying “sit, sit, sit, sit” or “go potty” over and over to your dog, while seeing that the dog is not doing it? Well, here’s why. DOGS DON’T KNOW HUMAN WORDS UNLESS WE ASSOCIATE THEM WITH AN ACTION/BEHAVIOR! 🙂

If you wait until your dog is squatting to potty, and then say “go potty” and you do this consistently, you can teach your dog to potty on command. If you associate the word “sit” with the dog putting it’s bottom on the floor or ground, it will learn what “sit” means. It must be in real time and it must be repetitive and consistent until it clicks. It isn’t difficult. It just takes practice. It also requires positive feedback from you. If the dog sees you are happy with this behavior and even provide a yummy treat or nice scratch behind the ears, it will likely repeat the action/behavior more often, sooner. 🙂