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See Spot Sit’s very own Jamie Walden has a beautiful Aussie mix named Crash. Crash came from the Sherwood Animal Shelter and now lives with his “sister” Juno and his family Lisa and Jamie. Crash recently became ill suddenly and was disoriented and suffering from temporary blindness. After examination and tests done at the vet’s office, he was diagnosed with Ivermectin toxicity.

The vet informed Jamie that Comfortis and Ivermectin given together can have this effect. Aussies and Border Collies (and mixed breeds with those bloodlines) are especially predisposed to this condition. The vet suggested staggering the Comfortis and Ivermectin two weeks apart.

If you are currently giving you dog these preventative meds together, please talk to your veterinarian.

Let’s keep our furry babies healthy and happy!

PS Crash is going to fully recover! 🙂
Just Crash