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I recently had some fun with Olivia, a 4 and a half month old party poodle, who was a notorious counter surfer. I showed up at her mommy and daddy’s house with some hot dog and chicken tied to the end of a string and a can full of pennies and screws tied to the other end. I laid the tempting chicken and hotdog on the string on the counter with the can just behind it and we all walked away and ignored her. As expected, she put her little paws up on the counter and grabbed the yummies and just as she started to take off with her treasure, BAM, CLANG, RATTLE, down came the can. All the racket and noise it made was enough to convince her that surfing the counter was not worth the scary outcome! You can also balance cookie sheets on the edge of the table with yummies on them and when the paws hit the cookie sheet laying down, they all come crashing down. Another option is tying the string to a plastic bowl full of empty cans and the other end to the yummy. When you do it, be sure to video because it’s quite funny. (It is also very effective). This is an environmental negative reinforcer that is completely unrelated to the dog’s human.