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THE PAWSOME SPECIAL: 25% off Group Classes or a private assessment here at See Spot Sit’s facility, if you sign up and prepay prior to December 24, 2017. Below are some questions to ask yourself that will help you decide whether getting a dog is the right choice for you. Tomorrow’s blog will give you some tips about choosing the right dog for your family and lifestyle!

*For payment with credit or debit card, please call Charlotte at 501-612-1171 or 501-864-7692

Lots of people will be getting puppies for Christmas. Puppies make a great present IF you choose the right puppy for your lifestyle and family. Please research thoroughly and ask yourself some basic questions:

1. What will your life be like in five or even 10 years?

2. How many dogs have you owned on your own (not with your parents)?

3. How much time can you dedicate to your pet each day?

4. Can you afford to own an animal?
Remember, there are expected and unexpected vet care costs, food, training, pet sitting and/or boarding, etc. costs involved.

5. If you already have a pet, is that animal likely to accept a new housemate?

6. What do you realistically expect from a new dog and what do you hope to get out of the relationship?

7. Do you have the time and resources needed for proper training?

8. How much household destruction can you tolerate and are you willing to put in the time to start teaching the dog immediately what is his/hers to chew on and what is yours? Do you know how to do that?

9. Is everyone in the household on board with getting a pet?

10. Do you have small children?
No dog, no matter the breed, comes ready to live with children (especially small ones). If you have children, you must first teach them the rules of safe pet conduct: No teasing, pulling, pushing or climbing on animals,” Arden says. You’ll also need to spend ample time meeting different animals, so you can observe tolerance levels, responsiveness to training and the ability to bounce back from jarring incidents. Ask yourself: “Can I do this in a way that my children will understand and be able to follow?”