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Be the one in control so your dog does not have to be!

If you have any sibling rivalry within your canine pack, ask yourself, “am I conveying to my dogs that I am in control of everything and every situation?” In order to do this, you must first BELIEVE it! Look in the mirror and practice telling yourself “I am in control. I know I can control these dogs. I am their leader.” You must believe it and you must live it. If your dogs know that you are the one in control and you are the leader, they can relax and stop trying to control situations that may arise with each other.

The dominant dog will try to control a more shy, anxious dog – and this can get physical – if they believe that it’s their “job.”

Once they know, without any doubt, that it is, in fact, you who controls the pack, they will look to you for leadership.

This means that you have to be ready to pounce and correct EVERY time you see any signs that one is about to either instigate an issue or control a situation.

We can teach you how to be in control and lead your pack if you are willing to learn!