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Babies and toddlers and dogs OH MY!

Follow these simple rules when you are introducing a new baby to your pet 🙂

Dog and baby are never alone together and you are always right between them for now.
Baby can only touch dog when you are right there guiding baby as to how to gently touch dog.
Dog is never used as a walking helper for baby.
Dog is never chased by baby – not with walker, not with toys and not on her own.
Baby never wakes the dog, pokes the dog or lands on the dog when dog is sleeping.

For your new baby, start now putting baby lotion and/or powder on a little receiving blanket and letting the dog smell it and get used to the baby smell. Start out by doing this from a distance but not allowing the dog to actually touch the item. The key is to make sure your dog knows boundaries from babies/toddlers. I can’t stress to you how important it is to teach your dog boundaries from the baby and when your baby becomes old enough, boundaries for the baby from the dog. There is no shame (and I recommend in this situation) a play yard expandable gate to block the dog from babies and toddlers in your home until this behavior is modified. 🙂

If your dog knows the sit, down, stay and leave it commands you’re golden! Those are all great safety commands. Leave it is especially important in these situations!