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Are you training your dog to alert bark excessively? You might be if . . .

Do you own an “alert-barking” dog? Think about this, your dog is outside in the yard, securely fenced of course, and barks at every passerby, whether dog, human, cat or combination. You are gone and the dog is unsupervised in the yard for hours. Passerby – Spot barks loudly and then the passerby goes out of sight. Spot becomes convinced that his barking made that happen = reinforcement of behavior.
WAIT, it happens again: Spot barks more loudly and maybe even adds some J.T. stamping or snarling, passerby goes out of sight. Spot thinks again “I did that! I made them go away.” So, what you have done is create a self-perpetuating training arena where Spot gets a functional reward for the excessive barking and reactivity. Long periods in the yard are a reward and a privilege and not a given. When you hear your dog outside barking like that, BRING HIM IN until he cools off. Find someone to come let your dogs in for awhile when you are gone for more than a few hours (or out if they are crated) even if it costs you a few bucks. This will keep your neighbors happy and help to insure that any behavior rehab you are working on to stop the obsessive behavior is successful!