Why choose us? We’re glad you asked!


See Spot Sit Dog Training offers the experience you want to get your dog the training it needs. We believe in positive reinforcement, coupled with rules, boundaries and structure.  The most important thing we will teach you is how to have a conversation with your dog(s).  A lot of people talk to their dogs and do not understand why the dog seems to be “tuned out” or doesn’t do what they ask.  We help you bridge that communication gap! Charlotte mentored for years under the founders and owners of Palwfyn Dog School, which boasts more than 25 years of dog training expertise. Charlotte is also a certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.  Additionally, Charlotte has studied and drawn from the experience of many renowned animal behaviorists, including Ian Dunbar, Suzanne Clothier, Patricia McConnel, Temple Grandin, Turid Rugass and many more.

An Ideal Learning Environment

See Spot Sit Dog Training classes are held outdoors in a safe and private fenced in area where dogs can learn in a natural, ideal environment instead of in the aisles of a pet store. Dogs learn differently that humans and there are certain factors that can drastically increase their ability to absorb information. One very important one is that they are allowed to play with other dogs before class to burn off some energy. Otherwise, it’s like trying to cram geometry into the mind of a sugar-loaded, ADHD child.

NO Waiting

At See Spot Sit, we hold concurrent classes, which means you can start as soon as you sign up. This is especially helpful if you’re wanting to stop bad behaviors right away instead of having to wait a month and a half until the next class starts.


Also, the outdoor, real world setting allows for your dog to absorb the social learning he can only get from other  dogs. Not only does this teach them to interact better with other dogs, but it can actually curb some unwanted behavior much quicker than training from a human can.


We demonstrate a balanced style of training that relies mostly on positive reinforcement but in some instances includes fair, positive corrections. This is arguably the safest form of training as it is built around the risk-reward mentality of dogs. For example, if you’ve taught your dog to come using only the reward of a bit of hot dog, it is unlikely he will come when another reward is greater than a hot dog. This can be incredibly dangerous if the higher reward is a squirrel running into on-coming traffic! However, if the risk of disobeying a command outweighs the reward of a squirrel, your dog WILL reliably come when called. This is the one time we equate training a dog to raising a child. Would you expect to raise a balanced teenager by always bribing him or her with money? (Note: Positive corrections are NEVER used until a dog thoroughly understands a command, but chooses not to comply.)

Customized Training Guide

At See Spot Sit Dog Training, I make learning as easy as possible for you and your dog. Our custom class materials are designed to give you a step-by-step homework guide to refer to between classes so you and your dog can both reach your full potential.

Our Guarantee

At See Spot Sit Dog Training we are so confident that if you follow our training regiment, attend all classes within the required time frame, and practice, practice, practice, you will see a positive change in your dogs behavior. If not, we will cheerfully refund your entire class fee!