Putter and meCharlotte Mallion’s vision was inspired by her involvement in animal rescue and rehome, which began over 12 years ago. She was on the board of Maumelle Friends of the Animals and currently serves on the board of directors for Sherwood Animal Shelter Helpers. She is an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen trainer and evaluator. She is experienced and educated in obedience training, advanced off-leash training, and behavior modification. Charlotte was mentored by Suzanne and Larry Olsen, of Palfwyn Dog Training School, who received all of their training and education in Germany and have well over 25 years of experience. Charlotte founded See Spot Sit, LLC to provide training and behavior modification to residents of Arkansas, after recognizing her passion for enriching the lives of animals and their owners, and her ability to bridge the communication gap between the two.

Charlotte is a mentor for students who attend the Animal Behavior College, in order to help them achieve their goals.  Charlotte gives beginner and advanced seminars each year at the Arkansas State Animal Control Association annual convention, as well as city sponsored, public event seminars regarding various topics. She has been featured several times in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, as a local expert in dog training and behavior. She was also invited to be a guest speaker on a local radio station to address issues regarding animal behavior and public safety when dealing with animals. Charlotte was born and raised in Arkansas where she raised two children and had a successful career in the legal field. She enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and her own pets. She is also an avid participant in animal rescue and welfare.

Charlotte has studied the works of professional trainers and behavorists, including, Karen Pryor, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Carol Lea Benjamin, Victoria Stillwell, Suzanne Clothier, Jack Volhard, Melissa Bartlett, Bill Moore, Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA, who authored Behavior Adjustment Training “BAT for Fear, Frustration and Agression in Dogs,” Patricia McConnell, PhD, and the Monks of New Skete, and many more, in order to continue her education and enable her to possess the knowledge and tools to help dogs and humans.