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Why Your Dog Does the Things He Does

Have you ever wondered why your dog does some of the things he or she does? Why does he, without fail, lift his paw to shake after sitting? Why does he whine constantly when he wants to go outside?

Everything that dogs do can be traced back to a reward history for each and every action. When he lifts his paw, we think it’s cute and pet him or give him a treat. When he whines to go outside, we get up to let him out. Sometimes a reward can even be not getting in trouble.

Think about this when you are rewarding your dog for something. The dog will associate a reward with the last thing he did. For example, if your dog sits and your pleased, you reach for a treat. As you’re doing so he jumps on you, excited for the treat. If you then give him the treat, you’ll then be rewarding him for jumping on you not for sitting.

This is why at See Spot Sit Dog Training in North Little Rock, we work very, very hard with clients on treat timing.

It helps to have a “Behavior Marker” to let a dog know exactly what he did right. It can be an excited “YES!” or another word. Some trainers use Clickers to let a dog know exactly what behavior was correct.

Using a marker will make for a more obedient, less confused dog.