Private Obedience Classes

and Behavior Modification if Needed

Class Details:


This course is in-depth and tailored to the needs of your dog and your family, based on your lifestyle and family dynamic, including a lot of common obedience and the Canine Good Citizen items.


Individual Obedience Sessions:  $175 per dog (plus mileage) for the initial 2 hour assessment and planning session and $95 plus mileage for each additional 1-hour session. (After the Behavior Assessment, you can decide how many $95 hourly sessions you want to pay for.)

7-Week Private Obedience Course: $675 (plus mileage)
Begins with with a 2 hour assessment and plan and then 6 additional sessions of 1 hour each, once a week.  Each additional dog is $300.


Other Key Info

  • Time Slots Fill Up Fast: Private sessions fill up fast, especially evening sessions, so please provide at least 3 preferred days and times, beginning with your top pick.
  • Practice Every Day: The success of this course largely depends on you. If you want your dog to be solid in everything we teach, you will need to do 3-5 short (10-15 minute) sessions every, single day!
  • We’ll Take the Show on the Road While the training sessions are given in your home, we will need to take it “on the road” so to speak where there are people and dogs and different levels of distractions. This can be done during the 3 public classes you receive with this package. This ensures that your dog can perform under heavy distraction and not just in the quiet, low distraction setting of your home.

What You’ll Learn…

Commands You and Your Dog Will Learn:

  • The Name Game – look at you when you say their name
  • Watch Command -learn to focus on you for extended period of time when you want to give the command or need their attention
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay (sit, down and walking or “stop stay”)
  • Proper on leash and off leash walking
  • Wait (yes, it is different from stay)
  • To wait for you to go in and out of doors, allowing you to be the leader
  • Not to get on furniture without an invitation
  • Which things belong to the dog to chew and which things do not
  • Down
  • Sit stay (with distance and duration)
  • Down stay (with distance and duration)
  • Recall – coming when called
  • Touch – targeting training, especially helpful shy dogs to be more comfortable with people/dogs, as well as swim training
  • Leave It -teaches your dog to disengage from anything on your command, including dropped food, pills or other things accidentally dropped onto the floor.  Leave is extremely versatile and is also used for stopping your dog from engaging in behaviors you do not approve, i.e. chasing the cat.  Leave it is part of the impulse control training provided with this course
  • Whistle Loading -training your dog to respond to the sound of a whistle exactly as if you had said the dog’s name (for long distance recall)
  • “Place” command (some prefer “bed” or “go to your bed”) – teaching your dog to go to a certain place on command (preferably a bed that is at least 4-6 inches off of the ground) and remain there in a sit or down stay until release
  • Proper greeting of guests in your home
  • Stop jumping up on you and others

These are just some of the most common issues people need assistance with, plus you get everything offered in the class setting.

Other common issues include,

  • Food aggression, or any other type of resource guarding, including human resource guarding
  • Excessive barking
  • Digging;
  • “Leave it” and “drop it,” and
  • Gentle mouth (aka bite inhibition)
  • Proper reaction to doorbells or knocking
  • Stop reacting to things visible outside through eye level windows
  • Proper interaction with children
  • Proper greeting of strangers, including dogs and humans, while out on a walk or in public
  • Storm or other noise fears
  • Separation anxiety and/or isolation distress
  • Fear of vacuum cleaners, leaf blowers, the mail man, etc.