Behavior/Temperament Assessment and Modification/Training Planning Session

Session Details:

What You’ll Get…

This session is two hours. During this time, we will assess all aspects of your life with your dog. We will also assess your dog’s basic temperament, behaviors, socialization skills and the human/dog relationship.. After which we will provide you with a plan to begin changing unwanted behaviors and creating a more harmonious life with your dog.  Other areas of assessment are your dog’s typical daily routine, including all mental and physical exercise and many other facets of daily life with your dog which are intrinsic to the dog/human specific living environment.

This session takes place in you and your dog’s home.  When problem behaviors occur in you and your dog’s home, this is the best place to work on them. 


Please complete this form for each dog to be assessed prior to your appointment. Thank you.

*If your dog is aggressive with humans, there will be additional cost depending on the level of aggression. This can be discussed prior to the home visit. Price range for 1 dog is $200-$350.