Boarding With Socialization

Going on trip? Let us keep your pooch in our home!

(At this time we do not accept unaltered dogs over 8 months of age in boarding)



14717 Hwy. 107, Sherwood Arkansas.  your dog will never be left overnight alone! Staff is on site 24/7, 7 days a week! Charlotte is always available if needed. Your dog will be treated like family!


1st Dog: $38/night
Each Additional Dog: $25/night



Going on Vacation? Going on a business trip? Let us keep your pooch in our home! Miss Charlotte lives on premises and will be with your dog for love, fun, food, socialization and more! All of you who have been a student or client and know me, will feel you are leaving your beloved pet with a good friend or trusted family member.

We do small play group socialization and group dogs together not just by size but by social skills and level of comfort. Never more than 4-5 dogs per human. Here, we treat the dogs as part of the family and I live on premises. We also offer some training services while boarding if needed. They won’t be in the kennel or crate (your preference) except for sleeping at night and rest time during the day. Dogs MUST have some down time during the day. They naturally will choose to rest or nap several times during a day. If they do not get that, they can become stressed and overwrought, leading to stress and anxiety which can cause them to be “grumpy” and reactive.

At night, some of them will sleep on a bed in the “doggy sleep room” without being crated or kenneled if that is what they are accustomed to and they sleep through the night.

I want people to feel that they are leaving their dog or dogs with a trusted friend or family. This work is my passion and I love every dog who comes through my path. I have worked with over 1800 dogs for training and/or behavior rehabilitation.

If a dog has aggression issues, we will assess them first and depending on the level of aggression, the price may be different. Severely aggressive dogs will be required to receive behavior modification if they are to be boarded here so Board and Train prices will apply. We hope that if a dog has aggression issues, their human guardian will choose to allow us to help them while they are here. That can always be discussed at the time of intake.