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See Spot Sit has been the recipient of the A1 City Voters Best Trainer Award for the past two years.

2015 certificate Alistalist-yellowCharlotte’s journey with animal behavior began as a child when it became clear that she “had a way” with horses.  She was very active in a small rodeo circuit competing in the categories of barrels, poles and western pleasure.  She seemed to be able to communicate with head shy and fearful/nervous horses and they would respond to her when no one else was able to reach them.  This experience easily segued into dog training and behavior modification.

Charlotte became involved in animal rescue while living in Maumelle, Arkansas in 2001 and eventually became a board member of Maumelle Friends of the Animals.  After moving to Sherwood, Arkansas she became involved with that city’s animal shelter and when their volunteer organization dissolved, she joined forces with several others and founded Sherwood Animal Shelter Helpers.  She currently sits on the board of directors. She is also a member of Out of the Ashes Pitbull Rescue.

Charlotte began by becoming an  American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Charlotte continued her education out of a desire to more fully understand the animal brain and how to effectively communicate with dogs and understand their communication signals.  She believes this is what is necessary to truly train a dog and enable the dog to live happily in a human world where the dog is often asked to behave in ways that are completely contradictory to their natural, hard-wired, DNA instinct behavior.  In order to help a dog modify its behavior or to reshape a behavior, one must know what motivates the behavior in the first place.  All training must take into consideration the emotions, emotional state, and physical state of each dog.  In order o “train” or teach a dog, you must  and respect the full depth their  ability to feel emotion and learn how to understand their communication signals.

Charlotte’s education began with being mentored by some incredibly well educated and talented dog trainers, Suzanne and Larry Olsen, of Palfwyn Dog Training School, who received all of their training and education in Germany and have well over 30 years of experience.

Charlotte founded See Spot Sit Dog Training and Behavior Modification of Central Arkansas in order to give dog owners the tools to not only communicate to their dogs properly, but to be able to understand the communication we receive from our dogs and often completely misunderstand or do not even recognize as an effort by our dog to communicate something to us. She provides training and behavior modification to residents of Arkansas with a passion for enriching the lives of animals and their owners, and shares her knowledge and ability to bridge the communication gap between the two species.

Charlotte gives beginner and advanced seminars each year at the Arkansas State Animal Control Association annual convention, as well as city sponsored, public event seminars regarding various topics. She is also certified by the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training to provide education to law enforcement officers and agencies.

Charlotte works closely with her local shelter providing temperament/behavior assessments, pro bono, when asked by the shelter director or ACOs.  This enables the shelter to place more dogs in homes and reduce their euthenasia rate.  Charlotte was involved in the Paws in Prison Program where she provided education the the trainer inmates regarding animal behavior and enabling dogs who were in the program to be independent and stable once they graduated from the program, as well as general obedience training.

Charlotte has been featured several times in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, as a local expert in dog training and behavior. She has also provided interviews to public media via radio interviews and television network interviews regarding various issues, incidents that were reported by the media, animal behavior and public safety when dealing with animals.

Charlotte was born and raised in Arkansas where she raised two children and had a successful career in the legal field. She enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and her own pets. She is also an avid participant in animal rescue and welfare.

Charlotte is constantly continuing her education and some of her favorite educational materials, seminars, etc. include the works of Karen Pryor, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Carol Lea Benjamin, Victoria Stillwell, Suzanne Clothier, Jack Volhard, Melissa Bartlett, Bill Moore, Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA, who authored Behavior Adjustment Training “BAT for Fear, Frustration and Agression in Dogs,” Patricia McConnell, PhD, and the Monks of New Skete (‘How to be Your Dogs Best Friend”).  Charlotte believes that we must continue to learn because as we evolve, so do our dog and her desire to to continue her education is borne from her dedication to continuing to be able to help dogs and humans create and maintain healthy, stable and fulfilling relationships.

An Ideal Learning Environment

See Spot Sit Dog Training classes are held outdoors in a safe and private fenced in area where dogs can learn in a natural, ideal environment instead of in the aisles of a pet store. Dogs learn differently that humans and there are certain factors that can drastically increase their ability to absorb information. One very important one is that they are allowed to play with other dogs before class to burn off some energy. Otherwise, it’s like trying to cram geometry into the mind of a sugar-loaded, ADHD child.

NO Waiting

At See Spot Sit, we hold concurrent classes, which means you can start as soon as you sign up. This is especially helpful if you’re wanting to stop bad behaviors right away instead of having to wait a month and a half until the next class starts.


Also, the outdoor, dog-park like setting (minus the unstable dog-park dogs) allows your dog to absorb the social learning he can only get from other balanced dogs. Not only does this teach them to interact better with other dogs and humans, but it can actually curb some unwanted behavior much quicker than training from a human can.


Charlotte demonstrates a balanced style of training that relies mostly on positive reinforcement but in some instances includes fair, non-aversive corrections (verbal reprimand, ignoring or withholding the reward). This is arguably the safest form of training as it is built around the risk-reward mentality of dogs. For example, if you’ve taught your dog to come using only the reward of a bit of hot dog, it is unlikely he will come when another reward is greater than a hot dog. This can be incredibly dangerous if the higher reward is a squirrel running into on-coming traffic! However, if the risk of disobeying a command outweighs the reward of a squirrel, your dog WILL reliably come when called. This is the one time we equate training a dog to raising a child. Would you expect to raise a balanced teenager by always bribing him or her with money? (Note: Corrections are NEVER used until a dog thoroughly understands a command, but chooses not to comply.)

Customized Training Guide

At See Spot Sit Dog Training, we make learning as easy as possible for you and your dog. Our custom class materials are designed to give you a step-by-step homework guide to refer to between classes so you can get the most for your money AND help your dog reach his full potential.


Money Back Guarantee

At See Spot Sit Dog Training we are so confident that if you follow our training regiment, come to class regularly and do your homework, you will see a positive change in your dog’s behavior, we will refund your money.

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