Board & Train & Learn New Behaviors!

Hands-On, One-on-One Training and Behavior Modification for You and Your Dog!

Course Details:

When:  Start as soon as you’re ready!

Where:  14717 Hwy. 107, Sherwood Arkansas.  The facility is staffed 24/7 .  Your dog will be treated like family!

 Pricing:  $1600 for 3 weeks (minimum required) and $650 for each additional week

*Aggressive dogs require

(If longer than  6 weeks is needed, a package price will be agreed upon prior to the dog’s stay. If multiple dogs are signed up, a package will be tailored for you.)


Choosing this option has many benefits.  Your dog will get one-on-one behavior modification and obedience training, plus socialization, exercise and play! During your dog’s stay, they will attend the group classes on Thursday evenings and/or Saturday mornings (unless for some reason they are not able to do so, i.e., aggression, fear, physical limitations).  This option is recommended for dogs who need more intense, one-on-one work and human owners who need a break!  Your stress level directly affects your dog’s ability to learn and become a stable member of your household who follows the rules.  It gives you and your dog a little time apart to recover from the anxiety that has passed between you and continued to escalate. Basic obedience is included in this package.

2-Hour Final Private Session

At the conclusion of the stay you will attend a two-hour private lesson to transfer your dog’s new habits and skills to you. You will be provided with the information and tools for continuous work with your dog at home. This is highly recommended! You need to provide continued reinforcement and ensure that you and your dog achieve your training and behavioral goals.

Includes a 12 week group class course after the boot camp is completed.

What to Bring:

Your dog, of course! 🙂  Your dog’s food (enough for their stay) or add $5 per day if you want us to feed our stock food which is high protein, grain free and good stuff.

A blanket or other cloth that has either your scent or your dog’s in order to make them feel more at home.  Treats if your dog has a favorite or you use a particular kind for your pooch’s health.

Please give your vet our phone number and information, in case we need to take your dog to get care.  Obviously, we will contact you if that is necessary.  However, we will need an additional emergency contact person’s information.