What We Do and Who We Are.

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TOGETHER we help you Transform Your Dog into a Model Citizen, Set Yourself up as “The CEO” and Live in Harmony! Really.  We are much more than “dog trainers.”  We are “relationship facilitators.” 🙂  

As much as we love pets, sometimes the pulling, jumping, digging and other problems can make life difficult. At See Spot Sit Dog Training and Behavior Modification, we can eliminate those problem behaviors so that you enjoy only good moments with your best friend.  More than that, we give you the tools to continue to help your dog meet its potential and all the goals you have for you and your canine family member!  We can teach you to “speak a little dog.”  Once you learn that, the sky is the limit!

Our unique and affordable services include:
Public Canine Good Citizen (obedience) classes and testing (Pay by class option for public classes is $40 per class.)

Private, in-home, behavior modification and obedience training courses. Private sessions are $175 for the initial 2-hour assessment and planning session or $95 per each additional session, unless you opt for the 7 week private course which is $600 plus .47 cents per mile. Click here to sign up for private sessions.

2 hour behavior/temperament assessment with recommendations and plan of action! Click here for a behavior assessment.

We also offer complete and limited temperament/behavioral assessments and workshops for shelters and rescue organizations.

Coming Soon! Advanced courses, including Community Canine, Agility (for fun not competition), Tricks and Adcvanced Obedience!
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See Spot Sit Dog Training in central Arkansas is a full service company. Contact us on this website or via email at charlotte#sees;ot.org about seminars and workshops!

Feel free to pay at class with your credit/debit card, cash or check. You can also pay through paypal to charlottemallion@yahoo.com

If you have a question, or want more information, please use the Contact Us form.

**If your dog has aggression or severe fear or anxiety when around other dogs, an evaluation will be necessary before beginning classes, in order to tailor the services provided to best suit your dog’s needs. Please see the page http://seespotsit.wpengine.com/behavior-assessments.

Please note that See Spot Sit, LLC is not a rescue organization. While we do work with rescue organizations and shelters and help when we can, we are not a primary contact if you have found a dog or need to rehome one. For rescue organization information please go to http://www.careforanimals.org/resources.cfm.

**Contact Charlotte at seespotsitar@gmail.com for rescue organization and/or foster prices.


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